Random Questions With…Me!


Q: Do you wear contacts or glasses?

A: Neither, but I will need to soon. Seth thinks I look like a hot nerd in glasses so I have that to look forward to once my vision plops.

Q: What is your favorite reality TV show?

A: We love watching Masterchef.

Q: Do you color your hair?

A: At the moment, no. But I’ve done highlights in the past which makes my brownish hair look blondish. I went red 2 years ago. I went black last year -which I loved. Now I’m in between dying and enjoying my natural hair which has a few grays poking out right where I part my hair. Which is kind of neat.

Q: How often do you wear makeup?

A: When I feel like it. Sometimes every day, sometimes once a week.

Q: Do you collect anything:

A: I have a collection of picture frames and journals. I’m on a self imposed purchasing-ban on these products since 2009. Not even kidding. And I haven’t used all of them yet! What is wrong with me?!

Q: Describe your best friend in four words.

A: This is definitely Seth. Weird. Funny. Smart. Compassionate. Caring.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: I. love. fries.


Thanks for checking out this random Q and A! These are so fun. If you did one too, let me know in the comments or just answer these questions in the comments. XO maria



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