Week 101 | DIY corkboard (on the cheap!)

I made a corkboard. Here’s how:



12×12 Cork squares, square fabric scraps, cardboard scraps, glue, strong tape, small nails, hammer.

The cork squares can be found at CVS at the cheapest like $6.99 for 4, the fabric was $1.99 each at Joann’s Fabric. Everything else I had around the house!

diy-corkboard diy-corkboard

I had cardboard scraps from cereal and shoe boxes that I used for backing the corkboard. Otherwise it’s too flimsy. A corner had already broken off so I needed backing to hold the cork all together. I glued the two together using PVA glue from Paper Source. Any strong glue would work through. I piled the cork and cardboard squares together and placed some weight on top (shoes) as the glue dried to make sure it dries together.


Then I wrapped the square fabric scraps around the square corkboards and used gaff tape to secure it in the back. Any strong tape would work.


I used small nails to hang the corkboard to the wall. Two nails in the top corners and one nail in the center bottom.


I used lace tape from Paper Source to decorate the corners of the corkboard.


Thanks for reading!

xo, maria


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