Week 94 | Off-Camera Speedlight 580EX II

  • Ok guys, this is big. I finally used my speedlight off-camera! For the first time.


    That thing is the Gary Fong Lightsphere. This is where I basically blinded my right eye. So worth it though.

    I don’t know why it took so long; information overload and just not knowing much about speedlights and how they interact with camera settings. I love continuous light (filmschool FTW). But didn’t really get flash. Since I shoot in manual and was expecting to use the speedlight in manual too, it was too much info.

    {Also, if sarcasm  had a font, it would be all over this post.}

    I watched these three videos in the following order (not in their entirety, just until I got the info I needed) and was set to go!


    I profusely apologize for the upcoming selfy-overload. Really sorry about that. I was home alone and don’t have any pets or babies to take photos of. You’re stuck with my face -but theres a bonus round at the end with plants. I know, I can’t believe it either.


    This is genuine excitement for my off-camera flash working! See, already forgot about my blind right eye.

    My camera settings:

    Canon EOS 7D | Raw | ISO 100 | F/5.6 | 1/200 (as instructed by Mark Wallace in the first video – side note, Mark once commented on a facebook status of mine. It was kind of the highlight of my day). I enabled external flash firing (as shown in the second video). I set the flash as slave (per video 3). I basically didn’t want to get up from the couch to get my manual so I searched youtube. Yeah, I love exercise.

    My post processing in Adobe Camera Raw started with the following settings and adjusted as needed:

    Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 6.56.07 PM


    This is awesome, so I grabbed my wide lens…


    Let’s see what it looks like in another room? wow. amazing. The same.


    Trying to backlight myself. It didn’t work I suspect due to my Gary Fong diffuser and my flash (set to auto) exposing for the wall behind me? It doesn’t look like it, but it is pointing at the back of my head.


    I took off the diffuser. So hipster/emo/80’s-movie. And kinda like I’m about to give birth, but that’s cool.


    My hair’s shadow on the wall looks like a monster. Love it.


    Nice snoot effect.


    _MG_0054 Reflexive and emo again.


    My hands starting hurting from holding the heavy camera and flash. Had to set it down. Lit from below. So freaking flattering. Makes anyone look amazing. That’s why they call it monster light right?


    Lit from above. It’s just laying on the bed pointing at the top of my head. Pretty cool effect. I brought up the exposure in Camera Raw a lot and brought down black.

    _MG_0083 _MG_0096


    I had to try everything. I went into a completely dark room. Eyes are closed cause I guess I didn’t really forget about my blind right eye..


    One of my favorites. The evening sun shinning through the blinds on the left side of my face and the flash filling the right side of my face. As you can probably imagine, playing with white balance on this one changed the tone quite a lot.


    I’m outside! Told you, had to try everything. This was the most ‘nice’ looking light. Clearly because the ambient light is brighter than inside and isn’t cut out with the fast 1/200 shutter speed. Cool.


    Doesn’t that look cool? Love it. Wish it was a picture of someone else so it wouldn’t be so awkward to talk about.


    Love the color temperatures showing in this.


    Bonus round! I just placed the flash on the ground pointing up at the camera.



    Before flash with available light.


    After flash. What the heck! So cool!

    _MG_0132The end.

    I’d love to hear how you learned about off-camera flash? How long was it until you ‘got it’? Or are you still apprehensive? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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