Week 84 | About To Bloom

When I first started getting into photography when I was 15 and 16 I remember getting up early to take pictures of nature. I was so interested in the changing color temperature, and I loved photographing water droplets, from dew, on plants. Apparently, 11 years later I still do!
bloom-8 bloom-7 bloom-9bloom-6 bloom-2 bloom-1

About next week:zenit-12xp-35mm-camera-

This weekend we’re going to play around with an old 35mm camera, Zenit 12xp. I tried to shoot on it 5 years ago when I didn’t really understand film, but Seth shot on film all the time so he helped me a little… Not one picture came out (Light meter issues)! Now that I’ve gone through filmschool and have filmed on the 16mm format, I get it. And love it! I’ll tell you more about this camera next week and hopefully have some pictures to show! Β Have any of my readers used this or a similar camera? Do any of you shoot on film? Let me know in the comments!Β 



17 thoughts on “Week 84 | About To Bloom

  1. I used to take pictures with film Minolta X700 – no autofocus and that kind of stuff, but work very well.
    Somehow i lost interest of taking photos – can’t remember why 😦
    When digital cameras came out, a little bit later I bought my first compact because I was traveling to Canada and wanted to take pictures πŸ˜‰ About 8 years later I realised that a Compact is not good enough anymore because I wanted more than just doing snapshots πŸ™‚ Now I own 2 SonySLR and a few lenses and it is fun to try out something and not must think about the costs which were quite high taking pics with film.
    Now I am thing to try it again with film, but using middle format film. I have to check the flea markets and garage sales πŸ™‚

  2. I shot on film for the longest time. And for the longest time I refused to switch over to digital… I had an old Canon my mom got me when I had photography courses at the university. Did I ever love that thing! I think what I miss most of film is the dark room and watching the image slowly appear on paper like magic.

    But I do love how the digital can do things with light film. Things I could never achieve with film. I also love how with digital you can simply delete undesired shots rather than wasting rolls and paper.

    But I do miss those hours of dark room!

    p.s. GREAT pics! Did you spray the buds with water or was that natural? Your lighting and close-up detail are amazing.

    • Yes, there can be a lot of wasting with film… And it’s not cheap! When Seth took photo classes in college he showed me how to process and develop. I want to do that again for sure!

      For these photos, I had just watered my garden and was truly inspired by the way the blooming flowers looked covered in water…So beautiful! Thus I grabbed my camera. Thank you for your kind words and checking out this post!

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