Week 79 | Place Yourself Where You Grow

It’s amazing what placement and season can do for a plant. I put these flowers in a bright sun/shade spot and watered them. They grew more in a week than they did in two months where they were before. And of course, they bloomed beautifully. I think the same can be said for people and life; if you’re in the wrong place, wrong time of your life, wrong you, you will not grow. Heck, parts of you might even dry up.

Place yourself where you grow | Featuring other lovelies from my front yard


altadena-pasadena-photographer-1 altadena-pasadena-photographer-6 altadena-pasadena-photographer-4 altadena-pasadena-photographer-2 altadena-pasadena-photographer-5 altadena-pasadena-photographer-3 altadena-pasadena-photographer-10 altadena-pasadena-photographer-8 altadena-pasadena-photographer-7 altadena-pasadena-photographer-9


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