Week 56 | Flag / Bunt Birthday Card DIY

  • Between my family and Seth’s family, September is birthday month and it’s in full swing!

     I documented my card making in the following pictures. I figured it out as I went along so if you think of a better way of executing some of these ideas, please share in the comments!

    The supplies used were purchased from Target and Paper Source

    You’re going to need two pieces of paper for the card. The lining and the outside, these will be joined together and secured with glue at the end.

    For the decorative lining (inside) of the card, I used a pack of K&Company Designer Paper from Target for about $9.95. I cut a 10″x14″ piece to make a 5″x7″ card.

    craft-paper-card-making-targetYou’ll need scissors for cutting paper and string. The string is Hemp Cord $5.95 from Paper Source.
    For the flags, the paper I used was Red and Paper Bag card stock from Paper Source. The white pen I used was Uniball White Gel Pen $3.50 from Paper Source.*The paperclips are not necessary with thinner paper. 

    *Waiting until the glue is tacky instead of dry works well, too.Here’s one I made in Polish! 

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