Week 37 | End of Days Photo Shoot

I always have fun photographing Milosz Karubin (pronounced, “me-wosh”). He gives a lot of himself to the camera. I’ve been working with him for years, and I am blown away by how far he’s come as an actor, model, and person. We came out of this session with many many great photos. It was difficult to narrow it down to just some of my favorites for this blog post.

Camera Raw post process:

The original raw pictures had high contrast, hard lighting, which is totally not ideal but worked to my advantage.

1. I increased Fill Light and Recovery to get some information back.

2. I increased Contrast, Blacks, and Clarity to bring out the dirt and grittiness.

3. I decreased Vibrance and Saturation to get rid of color bleeding.

5. I adjusted each image individually to taste.

Surprisingly, I barely did any spot-editing. Thanks to my bounce his eyes really looked like that in the original pictures! For some images, I brought a little blue back in to his eyes which had been lost in all the de-saturation.


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